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Opened in 2016, Rosen’s 256 North is the most recent culinary endeavor brought to life by Jan Rosen. Born in Hicksville, Long Island Jan Rosen is not one to shy away from hard work. After moving to Petaluma at the age of 18 it would not take long for Ms. Rosen to take the Sonoma County restaurant scene by storm. In 1976 Ms. Rosen alongside her sister Michelle opened their first eatery, The Salad Mill, becoming one of the only women in Sonoma County to own and operate their own restaurant. However, The Salad Mill would only be the beginning for Ms. Rosen. She would go on to create many other classic eateries like JM Rosen’s, JM Rosen’s Waterfront Grill, Rosen’s Eastside Grill, as well as her beloved JM Rosen’s Cheesecakes, once coveted by Frank Sinatra himself. Although none two of Ms. Rosens’s eateries have been identical, her dedication and diligence to her craft has remained an evident constant; especially within Rosen’s 256 North. In doing what she has done best for decades, Ms. Rosen provides her customers with nothing lesser than the highest quality of ingredients and service at 256 North pouring over 50 years of passion and dining expertise into each meal served.

Current Services / Restrictions

dine-in, curbside, delivery, and take out


256 Petaluma Blvd N


Closed Sunday & Monday; Tuesday - Saturday 12pm-10pm